Get the best of both worlds
at the Cutter Tower

The Cutter Tower begins with Kirkland Cutter’s renowned turn of the century architecture encompassing its terracotta, gargoyles and intricate hand craftsmanship and stately entry. In keeping with the past where possible this Spokane landmark has had a complete renaissance through new construction techniques and technology advances. Constructed in 1917, The Cutter Tower was one of the first all steel and concrete building built in Spokane after the great fire of 1889.

The tower with its ALL NEW fourteen foot glass curtain wall storefront, high speed elevators, granite corridors, detailed craftsmanship and wall coverings, heating and air conditioning systems, electrical and plumbing upgrades, LED lighting, fiber optics / CATS, fully sprinkled with fire alarm system, thermal windows and insulation, is ready to meet all the challenges and demands of today’s businesses. The Cutter Tower, a truly class A development, is committed to working with you, our new Tenant clients, helping solve individual needs and requirements that are required to build a successful and profitable business.

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